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Facebook Lite Download For Samsung
June 2, 2017
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Facebook Lite app download for BlackBerry
June 5, 2017

Why Should We Use Facebook Lite App?

It’s just been a few days that the new Facebook Lite application has been launched. And, already there are millions of fans. But what is so special about the new Facebook Lite that so many people are downloading and installing it on their smartphones irrespective of the network connections they have? With the all new Facebook Lite, the users can do much more than the regular Facebook application. Read on…

Facebook Lite free app works well enough on 2g network. Thus, in areas where there is poor network connections or where a majority of people have 2g connections, Facebook Lite can work efficiently. Often when you are on the road, you notice poor network connections and even when you are in remote areas. With Facebook Lite you will be able to stay connected with your friends and keep yourself updated on Facebook notifications anywhere and everywhere. The logos and the images used in the designing of Facebook Lite are absolutely tiny. This is probably because the designers tried to keep the app size to minimum to maximize its performance in less space and low network connection areas.

facebook lite

facebook lite

The loading time for the images is less. Thus, you do not have to wait for minutes to check out your friend’s pic and comment. You will also be able to use the application even if you have low space in your mobile phone. Thus you can download and install Facebook Lite from anywhere and use the application for a great experience.

Unlike the regular Facebook application, messenger is built directly into the application for an increased convenience. Thus, if you install the Lite application you will be able to chat with your friends without having to download another supporting application, which also saves a lot of space.

As this is a small application, it does not take a lot of time to download and install. You can download the application from our website. Just follow these steps:

There are two ways you can download Facebook Lite to your phone – either you choose to download and install the application directly to your mobile or side-load it through your laptop.

  • Open the browser of your mobile device – visit our website – search and choose the version of Facebook you want to download – click ‘download’- install it in your mobile phone.
  • Open our website on your PC or laptop – Check the versions of Facebook Lite available – click on the download link to download the application to your device – attach your phone to your PC – side load it to the handset – once downloaded to mobile, install it.
we should use facebook lite

we should use facebook lite

There are many features of the regular Facebook application that many of the users seldom used. The new Facebook Lite is sans any such features and that has made the application a lot lighter and easier to manage. It does not eat up a huge amount of RAM, thus, the performance of the hardware components of the application is not affected. The new application uses just around 10 MB of RAM as compared to 300MB – 1GB RAM of the regular version. So, that is enough reason why we should use Facebook Lite. This ensures better performance of the application as well as the phone. The images of Facebook Lite are a bit grainy and thus, there is not much data consumption. Moreover, the loading time for the images is also low. However, it allows the users to nudge the settings a bit and improves your experience on the application. If you are looking for something that’s cheaper and better in terms of performance, you should choose Facebook Lite. The users are also not minding the fact that videos will not play on the Facebook Lite app because it is leading to huge data and battery savings. You can always go back to the video and watch it when you have good battery power and network connectivity. The sounds and audio effects of the notifications of the application are not there anymore. Thus, no more disturbances amidst meetings from not-so-important notifications.

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