How to Stop Videos From Autoplaying in Facebook Lite

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September 26, 2016
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September 28, 2016

How to Stop Videos From Autoplaying in Facebook Lite

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Choose to stop videos auto-play

If you’re using Facebook Lite, you’re probably fed up of Facebook Lite videos. It’s also likely your mobile device isn’t the most powerful around, and you most likely have a slow, unstable data connection – that also is capped. This means that high bandwidth activities, such as watching videos – is a definite no. This is because watching a video will use a lot of data, which means you will reach your cap much sooner – and you could also be charged astronomical fees if you go over your limit. Within this article we’ll discuss how you can stop videos from auto-playing in Facebook Lite, so you can take back control of your digital lifestyle once and for all.

Firstly, you need to open FB Lite. If you don’t have it installed yet, you can download it by searching for the apk on the internet. The apk is the installer file, which once downloaded can be opened – which will install FB Lite. Once installed, you will need to sign in with your usual email and password, just as you would if you were signing into Facebook on a computer.

facebook lite apk

Facebook Lite’s account

Now you simply need to tap your settings , this is where you will find all of the settings and options you can edit for your particular Facebook installation.

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Press “settings” from menu bar

Click on App Settings button and go to videos settings.

facebook lite app download

Click on “App settings”

The setting you are looking for is “auto-play videos on WiFi only.” Unfortunately, you cannot completely block Facebook Lite from auto-playing videos, however – you can stop it from using a lot of your mobile data by using this setting.

facebook lite free download apk

Choose to stop videos auto-play

To change this setting, all you need to do is tick the box next to “auto-play videos on WiFi only.” It really is that simple. Once that box is checked, videos will only auto-play when you are connected to a WiFi network, this helps preserve your data – and will also save your phone battery while you are out of the house.

It is a shame that videos cannot be blocked from auto-playing permanently, whether you are connected to a WiFi network or not. Facebook Lite videos are certainly a nuisance at some points, causing lower-end android phones to crash, or slow down significantly. One way you can combat this problem is to make sure you fully close all other apps before launching Facebook Lite, lower-end android phones don’t have as much RAM available as the flagship devices such as the Note 7, so it is important that you close all apps often to prevent your device from crashing. If you still experience crashing, it may be time to find a new device. There are many cheaper android devices around which can handle Facebook Lite easily, even with pesky auto-playing videos. Make sure you get one that has at least 2gb of RAM for the best experience unless closing apps constantly doesn’t bother you.

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