How to Manage Notifications on Facebook Lite

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How to download Facebook Lite for Android
August 29, 2016
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September 20, 2016

How to Manage Notifications on Facebook Lite

With the new, fast, Facebook Lite app, users can manage their notifications just like they do with the full version of Facebook. Here’s how it works:

  • Download and install Facebook Lite for Android
  • Sign in to your Facebook account and open SETTINGS
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Select “Settings” on Menu tab

  • From App settings, click on PUSH NOTIFICATIONS
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Go to “Push notifications” option

  • You may opt to always receive notifications, receive notifications from a list, or turn off notifications altogether
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Select which notification to be managed

With Facebook Lite, the options are all up to you, the user. Not everyone feels the need to be notified whenever they post something and someone likes it, nor does everyone want to be notified whenever someone responds to a message. With Facebook Lite, some users may opt to turn off notifications altogether. This is completely at the user’s discretion, and Facebook Lite makes it easier than ever for users to turn notifications off or on as they see fit.

Facebook Lite is a small, fast, compact application that saves users time and battery life when they download the app onto their Android device. When a user decides to manage their notifications with Facebook Lite, they are using one of the best small applications available. Managing notifications is a snap with the simple swipe to turn notifications off or on. Some people wish to be notified about everything going on with their Facebook account or page, while others opt out and prefer not to know anything until the next time they log in. With Facebook Lite, whichever option you choose is totally up to you!

Facebook Lite app is the only app you need to manage and monitor your Facebook account and its notifications. If someone likes a photo, forwards a post, or comments on something, notifications allow you to know immediately what people’s responses are. Notifications help people keep in touch while also letting others know that you like what they have to say as well. Everyone can stay connected with Facebook Lite, and notifications help you keep notifications off or on at the swipe of a finger. With Facebook Lite, any and all notifications can be turned off or on. The choice is yours!

Managing notifications on Facebook Lite is easy. Downloading the app is easy. Keeping in touch with friends and family is easier with Facebook Lite. All anyone needs to do is download and install Facebook Lite onto their Android device and either enable or disable the notifications. Setup is simple and opting in or out of notifications is a snap.

Facebook app Lite allows users to enable or disable what they want. Whether a user wants to enable or disable notifications is entirely up to them, and they may do so with the simple swipe of a finger. Facebook Lite is fast and easy to download and use.

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