How to Make Group Conversations on Facebook Lite

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September 20, 2016
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How to Make Group Conversations on Facebook Lite

If you live in an area with low connectivity, then you definitely need facebook lite version. Facebook Lite is a specially designed app, created by Facebook – which aims to bring the Facebook experience to the masses. The standard Facebook app can use a lot of data, and require a high-speed connection- it also can take up around 200mb of space on your device. This isn’t ideal for low powered android devices, which many people use daily. Facebook lite version aims to solve all of these problems, with a totally re-designed app that takes up around 3mb of space on your device, and works perfectly fine with a limited and slow data connection.

Facebook lite does have a few problems, though. Such as the ability to start group conversations, which have become an essential element of our social media experience. Within this article, we’ll discuss how you can start, and talk in group chats, with a sneaky little work-a-round.

How Do I Make a Group Chat in Facebook Lite app

Facebook Lite version login requires you to input your email and password, just as you would if you decided to login via the Facebook website, or the full facebook app. Once you have done this, you will be able to access your messages.

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Log-in to account

While there may not be a group chat option, there are a variety of ways you can still use the group chat feature via your Facebook lite app.

Option One: Start the group conversation through the standard Messenger app, and then use your Facebook lite app to talk in the group conversation. This does require that you download the messenger app, however, once you have downloaded it – it won’t use much data. This isn’t ideal, but it’s one of the easiest options for people who have a fairly satisfactory data connection, and enough free space for the app.

Open the Messenger app

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Open Facebook Messenger

Tap the group icon on the top

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Tap the group icon

You can create a group by tapping New Group

You can add your contacts to the group by tapping Add people to the group

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Add the name and member of the group

Once contacts are added, press the Create Group button on the top right side

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Press create group to finish creating group

Your group is created now and you can chat with your friends and family members using the Facebook Lite app.

Option Two: If one of your friends uses the Messenger app, they can start the group conversation – and you should be able to use the group chat as normal through your Facebook Lite app. Facebook Lite version login will require you to sign into your Facebook account on the app, however, then you can use group conversations easily, just as you would with normal conversations.

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Chat with friends in group chat

So there you have it. It really is that easy to make group conversations from your Facebook lite app. It may not be ideal, but at least you can still use group conversations – which have become almost essential for everybody’s social media experience.

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