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August 8, 2016
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Facebook Lite Download for iOS
August 10, 2016

Facebook Lite download for Windows Phone

Facebook Lite download for Windows Phone is now available! This is good news for people who’ve chosen Windows over iOS and Android devices.
With iOS and Android being the default platforms to make apps for, Windows Phone users often feel a little bit left behind. It’s a good thing Facebook app developers haven’t forgotten that a sizeable portion of the market is composed of people who are dependent on Windows Phone too!

Facebook lite logo for Windows Phone

Facebook lite logo for Windows Phone

What are the benefits of getting Facebook Lite for your device?

  • The Facebook Lite app is a very light program that you can easily add to your device so you can enjoy this social platform more. In fact, downloading the app takes up less than an MB on your device. When fully installed, it’s under 3MB! Compared to the regular Facebook App, that’s over a hundred times smaller! And for a Windows Phone, an app at that size is a great addition!
  • It makes surfing on Facebook easier. Now, you don’t have to deal with preloaded pictures that you don’t want to see anyway. Everything is in low resolution so it doesn’t take up too much of your available bandwidth or data and you have the option to simply click on what you want to see better and it will be presented in high resolution. That’s convenient!
  • This is a totally new app. This is not a redesign of the existing Facebook Mobile app.
  • FB Lite, uses a very simple GUI which makes everything look very simple. The simplicity of the display makes it less chaotic and cleaner over all.
  • FB Lite also has bigger buttons. Since it has a very simple display, making big buttons for this app isn’t a problem for developers and people with big thumbs all over the world are rejoicing! I know I am.
  • Facebook Lite has an integrated messenger system. Unlike the regular Facebook App that needs an additional Messenger app to download, Facebook Lite has one onboard. So, what you basically have is two apps conveniently wrapped in one! As long as you’re ok with the simplicity of the chat display and functions, it shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment from the regular Facebook Messenger app.
Facebook lite notification in Windows Phone

Facebook lite notification in Windows Phone

There are a lot more benefits that you can get from Facebook Lite than with the regular Facebook app which is the reason why more and more people are moving over to this app. And just as long as you keep your expectations realistic, you should be able to enjoy everything about Facebook without too much adjustment.

So get the Facebook Lite download for Windows Phone now if you want to enjoy more FB time on the go!

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