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August 9, 2016
Facebook Lite download for PC
August 11, 2016

Facebook Lite Download for iOS

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Facebook Lite download for iOS devices is now available! If you have an iOS device, you can now enjoy Facebook better through this app.
It’s simply the best solution for Apple users who want their FB fix on the go!
The world is divided into 2 camps. On one side you have the Android users. On the other, you have the iOS users. Both camps claim to be the best. But if there’s one thing these 2 camps can basically agree on, it’s the fact that Facebook is the most important app on their devices and when the Internet connection is slow, they all suffer.

Facebook Lite logo for iOS

Facebook Lite logo for iOS

That’s why you need to Facebook Lite download for iOS. Slow internet connection is a big problem for people who use Facebook on their mobile devices. Facebook Lite solves that by providing a very basic platform that has the ability to provide everything you need.

  • The smartphone application features a basic layout of Facebook. It contains medium to low resolution images and pictures which makes it consume lesser data. This solves the problem of regular Facebook regarding being too heavy on data consumption which makes it harder to load especially on spots with slow internet connection.
  • Facebook Lite is a lightweight application with only less than 1MB file size to download. It also requires only about 3MB of memory storage for installation which makes a very big difference if you compare it to the 200MB storage required by the regular Facebook app.
  • This makes Facebook Lite a very storage friendly solution for iPhones and iPads all over the world. This is especially great if your device only has a very limited storage space or you’re running out.

Facebook Lite was originally developed for the Android OS, but it now also comes for the iPhones. Just download Facebook Lite for iPhone from the app store to experience Facebook differently. This application offers lots of benefits for Facebook users and can serve various purposes like communication, entertainment and leisure.

Notification on Facebook Lite for iOS

Notification on Facebook Lite for iOS

Facebook is now one of the most basic communication tools for many people worldwide.
Thanks to various features incorporated into it and apps developed to complement this social media platform giant, experiencing Facebook became a lot better today. And with the Facebook Lite available for download, it has only become more accessible and convenient to use for people all over the world!
Get your Facebook Lite download for iPhone or Facebook Lite download for iPad here to enjoy this social platform more!

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