Facebook Lite download for Windows Phone
August 9, 2016

Facebook Lite download for Android

Facebook Lite download for Android has proven to be quite popular with people using this platform on their devices.

Now, some people might ask: “why would you want to have a stripped down version of a mobile app when there’s a full version out there that’s also free?”

Yes, both the full Facebook Mobile app version and the Facebook Lite for Android are free and easy to download from Google’s Playstore, but which one allows you to enjoy Facebook uninterrupted when you’re on the go?


Facebook lite for Android

Let’s list down a few benefits of having Facebook Lite for Android on your device

  • Facebook Lite download is, as it says, very light. At under 3MB, this app takes up very little of your available memory on your smartphone.
  • Facebook Lite works on all networks from 2G to LTE. Facebook designed this app to work on all types of networks to address the needs of FB users who have poor Internet connections. Needless to say, the faster your Internet connection is, the better experience you’ll have with this app.
  • Facebook Lite download incorporates the basic interface and the messenger into one convenient package. Unlike the regular Facebook app, you don’t need to download the Messenger separately. Facebook Lite gives you the basic form of the Messenger and you can easily communicate with other people through chat on it.
  • Facebook Lite does not eat up huge chunks of your bandwidth. When you use this app, you’ll be able to see basic portrayals of pictures on the Interface. These are low resolution images. To see a bigger or better version of the picture, all you have to do is click on it and you’ll be able to see it in its original form. There is no preloading which is, oftentimes the reason why Facebook slows down on people’s smartphones.
  • Facebook Lite works well on all types of devices from low end smartphones to the latest and most expensive that modern companies put out on a regular basis.
  • Facebook Lite is consistently updated to ensure that users have the best experience always!
Facebook lite's interface on Android

Facebook lite’s interface on Android

Just to be clear: Facebook Lite may appear to be an offshoot of the regular app that Facebook developers have produced but it is by no means an inferior product. In fact, there are more people transferring to the Lite app than using the full version!

To get your Facebook Lite download for Android, simply click on the link provided and you’ll have it within a few seconds!

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