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In 21st century, human beings like to stay connected with each other and that is probably the main reason for the success of social media platforms. One among the most popular social media platforms is Facebook and then apps came into picture and technology advanced because of which Facebook also brought its app into the market. Facebook also created another Facebook app called Facebook Lite which is mainly for countries where robust mobile internet is not always available. It is made with the intention to bring all the basic functions of the website using smallest amount of the possible bandwidth.

Facebook Lite’s Advantage

Facebook Lite is a lighter version of general Facebook application and it has some amazing advantages as compared to the general Facebook app.
The main advantage of Facebook Lite over the Facebook app is the size of the application. Space is a matter of concern even today for some people and hence Facebook Lite application proves to be better than Facebook app as it helps in saving space as well as keeping the device fast.
The processing power required to run this app is also not very high which adds to its advantages. It also does not require the very high internet speed to operate which makes it much popular among people who does not have stable mobile internet connection.
These are some of the features which make this better for you than the general Facebook application if you want fast services of Facebook and have limited data connection or if it is not much stable. This application take space less than 1 MB and once it is installed it takes around 2.82 MB of space in a device which is quite less than the space taken by the general Facebook application.
It also consumes less battery as compared to the battery consumption of the standard version of the Facebook application.

Guide to download and install Facebook Lite

Install Facebook Lite for Android

  • The first and the foremost thing you must do is to allow the third-party apps. You can do this by opening the Setting menu. Once you open it, tap on the option “Security”. After this, look for “Unknown sources”, once you get it tap OK on the warning which pops up. This enables you to download the APK.
  • Download the Facebook Lite APK: Open the web browser of your mobile phone and then click on this link and then go on following the instructions.
  • Install the APK: Once you are done with downloading the APK, you will get a notification. Scroll down the notification bar and you will be able to see the APK which you downloaded. Tap on it to carry out the process.
  • Then, in the next screen which you get, tap on “install” and the application will start installing. Follow the instructions if given any and your application is installed and it is ready to use.

Install Facebook Lite for iOS

  • On your iOS devices, open the Safari browser and access this website.
  • Tap on the download link of Facebook Lite for iOS
  • Wait for the downloading process to finish and then on the install. This will almost complete thee downloading and installing of the Facebook Lite application.
  • There are very less chances that your Apple ID password will be required because Facebook Lite is a free application, but if it is asked to enter it and then tap OK.
  • Let the application download and Facebook Lite is ready to be used.

Why people choose Facebook Lite app

Why people choose the Facebook Lite

Download, install and use the app extremely fast, even in the area have poor internet connection

Completely replace the original Facebook and Messenger, liberate and save the battery, 3g or 4g data as well. Your smartphone will be significantly improved.

Can be used for any techonology platforms, also any operating systems for phone and PC, laptop, tablet and so on.


Facebook Lite Introduction Video


Tips and FAQ about Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite is an application which is developed by Facebook as an initiative to connect everyone having access to the internet. It is the lighter version of the standard Facebook application which helps one to use Facebook even when the internet connectivity is not reliable enough to run heavy applications. Hence Facebook Lite download will be a great decision in such situations. There may be many doubts and questions in your mind regarding this application. Here we are listing a few frequently asked questions by new users:

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